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How Cancer Spreads in the Body

Scientists have identified the mechanism by which cancer is able to spread throughout the body, after discovering a cell movement process called “chase and run.” The findings, published in the journal Nature Cell Biology, detail how neural crest cells, which are similar to cancer...

Americans Are Hooked On Prescription Meds

It’s safe to say that we here at MindBodyGreen advocate for the avoidance of prescription drugs whenever possible. While for many people they can be a life-changing or life-saving part of medical treatment, too often doctors overprescribe and patients overindulge. Not only does...

Study: Artificial Sweetener Can Cause Diabetes, Is Probably Killing You

This just in: artificial sweeteners are terrible for you. Well, you already knew that. But in a win for supporters of all-natural food, a study led by Yanina Pepino of the Washington School of Medicine in St. Louis found that consuming sucralose — sold under the name...

High Fructose Corn Syrup and Other Dangerous Sweeteners

The obesity crisis in the U.S. has always been viewed as somewhat of a puzzle. How did Americans get so large if other developed nations are consuming so many of the same foods. Experts have debated physical activity and other lifestyle choices for years as possible culprits. However, if we...

Low Vitamin D Levels Now Linked To Weight Gain

Non-obese people with low vitamin D levels may be at a higher risk of becoming obese in the years that follow, suggests new data from Spain.